Glory turned 1


Holy Hannah! My baby girl is 1. We celebrated as we usually celebrate our littles turning another year bigger. We made lots of food, I made some of my pinterest dreams come true and we made a very strong alcoholic punch because, hey, we made it!

The hubs made a 20 minute video that chronicled the entire first year of her life and we had it projected onto the wall throughout the party. Sitting down to collect all those snippets is so much fun, way better than Netflix. I forget how tiny she was until I see pictures of her in the early days, wrapped up like a burrito, unable to even hold up her head. Now she's walking (started at 11 months), even running a little too! She's expressing her opinions in ways small and loud and she loves being around people. She loves us and the feeling is overwhelmingly mutual. She may also be messing with her brother and us but it's a little too early to call her on it for sure.

Her big brother Caspian is mostly smitten with her. He grabs her face and says things like, "I love you so much" or "Glory loves my clothes!" Um...okay, yeah! He'll be three next month and so far he gets full marks for being a stellar big brother. He was jealous in the beginning. I would tell him, as though shouting it from the rooftops, how much I loved him. Then I would whisper in Glory's ear, "I love you too, baby". But now I feel comfortable expressing my love for both of them in full hearing range. Her birthday party was another hurdle for Caspian though. It was his first experience seeing so many presents for someone else and none for him (we haven't been to many birthday parties yet). Luckily for him, Glory doesn't mind/isn't aware that she's sharing her toys with him everyday.

This last year went much faster than Caspian's first year. The milestones flew by. I don't know if she walked 3 months earlier than her brother because she wanted to keep up with him or if she just decided she needed a more expedient way to get around because I'm so often busy with her brother. She's definitely in a hurry to find everything that isn't a toy or is potentially breakable or dangerous and then shove it in her little 3 teeth mouth. I've developed a radar for all things tiny and choke inducing. In fact, after Caspian was born, I retook a first aid class, specifically for choking emergencies. Some people are afraid of the dark or tax audits. I'm afraid of grapes and hot dogs that haven't been sliced properly.  

One of my favorite things that she does, is when she 'eats' my face. She opens wide and just slimes my cheek and nose and then she shakes her head back and forth saying "Aaahhhhh" and then sucks on my face again. It's heavenly. Her best trick though, was just showing up and letting us love her. Here's to many more, Glory be!


Jaime Randall