sprinkle is the new shower


Recently I had the chance to honor a dear friend who had a second baby. Just a few weeks before the big event, we had what people are calling a 'sprinkle'. It's basically a celebration that you were crazy enough to have another baby and a reason to be sans kids for an afternoon to eat whatever you want. My friend Sara and I made a great team. She made delicious food and I spent way too many hours on Pinterest and Amazon, crafting the most beautiful spread I could dream up.

I arrived at her house with a huge bucket of flowers from Trader Joe's, delicate desserts in pyrex, 2 bags of groceries, 2 bags of crafting supplies and 3 boxes of decorations, plants and odds and ends. I even blew up some balloons the night before to make a balloon arch but this had to be abandoned in the end (it's not as easy as you make it look, youtube). Among the things I managed to pull off, were a sweet drink station complete with mason jar drinking glasses that I told myself I needed even after the shower was over, a floral wreath, a flower crown, 4 flower arrangements and I strung lace and bunting over anything that would hold it. I lettered a couple framed pieces especially for the event as well. 

I had trouble hanging things because I realized I don't do this for a living and I had no idea how to hang something temporarily. I used washi tape where I could. And of course the balloons just ended up on the floor under the display table. Wall hanging: 2, Jaime: 0. In any case, it looked beautiful and I left zero marks on the walls of Sara's gorgeous house. Shout out again to Sara for making delectable food, so that we had more to do than just look at lace. I got to make a gluten free dessert and one of the ladies actually giggled after eating it. I've never made anything giggle inducing before!! Here's the recipe so you too can make people sugar-laugh. 

Many thanks to the lady of the hour for making such a beautiful reason for us to celebrate!


Jaime Randall